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Thank you!

….....for considering TO YOUR HEALTH! as part of your
community health information system..

Several important points:

We know you have choices of several “free” health/medical
programs from organizations wanting free mentions of their
name or products.
Our only support comes from our
subscribing healthcare organizations and/or stations.

Topics are selected to assure harmonious relations with the
health professionals in your community. We feel this focus
makes TO YOUR HEALTH! significantly different from other
health programs available to your radio station—and that
may have “agendas” that run contrary to local interests.

The primary goal of TO YOUR HEALTH! is to give people in your
community accurate, well-documented news they can use to
improve their health and for you to reap the substantial benefits
as the organization providing that news.

Each one-minute program can be customized with your hospital’s
name and marking slogan, or use it to promote special projects/

TO YOUR HEALTH! was created to make the best use of
an already efficient medium—radio. It has the flexibility
to stand alone as a public relations/image building resource,
to extend the value of advertising or to serve as the basis
for a mini-program paired with your hospital’s marketing

We also offer TO YOUR HEALTH! as a web-based text and audio
service. Sample pages follow showing how your healthcare
organization can use the pages as a link from your home page
with space for your own logo and phone numbers, etc.

I hope you’ll join us! If you have questions about how other
organizations use the series successfully, please call or email me.

An order form follows the sample text/audio pages on this site.


Lyle Dean
800-768-8964 Fax: 312-428-7201