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Lyle Dean, Inc.
P.O. Box 797
Northbrook, IL 60062

Thank you for coming to our affiliate web site!  What your station says has a powerful effect on your listeners and their vision of the economy.  In turn, that can affect your advertisers and your revenue.  We want to help!

Our home page has a demo mp3 for Lou Manfredini's HouseSmarts RADIO MINUTE. It is more than informative, useful programming. It is an easy way to help your home improvement clients tap into the fix-up mood of listeners--and a great way for you to generate revenue from a category that should bring your station year-round benefits! AND without interrupting your format--it is just 30 seconds in length!  

Lou is a contractor by profession, but his charisma and popularity have turned him into the hottest home improvement personality in the country. In addition to his Saturday morning show on WGN, Chicago--double-digit ratings and consistently sold out--Lou is a regular monthly home improvement personality and contributor on NBC's TODAY SHOW and hosts his own weekly syndicated TV series, HouseSmarts. Between these appearances and his nationally syndicated column in USA WEEKEND magazine, Lou reaches more than 75 MILLION people each month. And his latest book has been released by Ballantine Publishing..    

Our clearance request for the HouseSmarts RADIO MINUTES is simple. We provide a set of five programs each week via CD or online. Each program in the non-commercial series has very brief funding attribution to the national underwriters. This set is ready to run as is or for adding your local underwriting, if you choose, and can be run as often as you see fit.  

We'll send you a simple clearance form periodically. 

Lou Manfredini's HouseSmarts RADIO MINUTES are offered exclusively to your station for your local area. We believe he can do the same great things with your listeners and local underwriters that he's already doing in Chicago and more than a hundred other markets!

If you have questions, please give me a call at 800-768-8964, or e-mail Just submit the online order form or fax it to 312-428-7201 to enjoy the power of Lou for your station!



Lyle Dean